Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Manage & Attract Customers Easily with Mobility Solutions

DigiEdge strives to provide the best solutions to our customers so as to help them grow their business by utilising every possible opportunity. We provide mobility solutions which can be easily integrated with their existing infrastructure and offer multiple advantages.

Outstanding services by the team that has expertise in meeting your needs.

Our solutions like miss call number integration, bulk SMS API integration, virtual number API integration, lead management system integration etc. provide our clients a competitive edge in the market.

Mobility Solutions

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Miss Call Number Integration

Weren't missed calls considered to be irritating and base? Well, not anymore. With companies such as Cadbury, etc...

Bulk SMS API Integration

Today the fastest and most direct way to reach out to people is through their mobile phones. There are a lot of potential...

Virtual Number API Integration

Virtual numbers are 10 digit numbers similar to mobile numbers and known as Long Code Numbers, that are used...

Lead Management System Integration

Lead Management involves strateies, methodologies and processes aimed at generating new potential business clientele...